Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Fort Gordon Cycling Policy

As of October 2011 all civilian cyclists (those cyclists who do not possess a Military or Government ID card) must sign in at the Gate 1 Visitors Center (if asked to do so by the guards).  Gate 1 is at Gordon Highway and Jimmie Dyess Parkway.

If you have questions please contact the visitors center at (706) 791-3071.

** This policy is subject to change from hour-to-hour and depends on who you talked to last.    {:-)

As always, ensure your vehicle documentation is up-to-date and insurance card(s) are printed out (as many are digital now).

You will be turned away if "your papers are out of order".

1. Valid Driver's License
2. Valid Vehicle Registration
3. Printed vehicle insurance card

The Big Loop (Approx. 27 miles)

Old Range Control and Back ( Approx. 19 miles)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Concept Jersey: Made in America

I've been toying with some ideas for a new group jersey so I've been "fiddling" with ideas.  Since "Made in America" has been the choice of topics lately on the news I thought this would be a good way to start getting ideas out.  Also it'll get me more use to the software I'm using to draw with.

I liked the Captain America logo too.  Probably couldn't throw it on a jersey anyways.  Oh well.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Road Courtesy: It's a two-way street

Courtesy on the road goes both ways.  Though a cyclist can easily get upset at drivers, drivers often get upset at cyclists.  Maybe it only seems that way.  Have you ever noticed the ratio of polite drivers compared to upset drivers?  Probably not!  I think there's many more tolerant drivers out on the road than not.  But we're human and we tend to pick out the dirty laundry - our national media has trained us to do that.

I think at times some cyclists are a driver's worst enemy.  Cyclists make bad decisions at times.  Some cyclists intentionally make bad decisions, as do drivers.  Some cyclists are just bad cyclists, especially on a road full of vehicular traffic.  Hence they too give cyclists a bad rap.   I look at it this way, the more polite a cyclist is to drivers the more likely a driver will come to the aid of a cyclist when the time arrises.  Hopefully they'll even defend a cyclists against another driver if the situation dictates.  If you're buddy makes a bone-headed decision on the road, tell him about it.  Don't worry about hurting his feelings.  Say, "Yo, you really need not do that anymore!  You're endangering the entire group."  Sure, he may blow you off, but he may think about it later too.

Let's face it, "stuff happens".  Sometimes it's really no ones fault, it's just the situation in which one finds himself.  I like to give a quick "thank you wave" to drivers that take the time to stop for crossing cyclists or when a vehicle carefully and skillfully passes a larger group of riders.  To me, that makes a ride even better than was planned.  Cyclists are nervous at times when getting on the road, especially when there's been a string recent of cyclist accidents.

Let's do ourselves and drivers a favor.  Let's take the extra time to think how the driver of a car feels about the cyclist.  Let's assume for a moment that our presence alone confuses the person behind the wheel of a car.  There are all types of drivers out there, young and old, as are cyclists.  The next time you're cycling on the road, remember to stop at intersections, signal your directional intensions, and give drivers as much room as needed to get by, especially on a two-lane road.  Leave the arrogance at the shop and not on the road.

Most importantly, pick your roads carefully.  Some routes are better suited for cyclists.  Unfortunately sometime you must get on a bad road just for a moment to get to that "good route".  Make it quick, but safe.  Call out dangers to your fellow cyclists, and try not to cycle alone.  A small group is always safer.

Lastly, use rear flashers (tail lights) even during the daytime hours.  Use rechargeable batteries so you don't have to burn through so many.  If two triple-A batteries can save your butt, then that's money well spent!

Now, to ride this week without making any of these mistakes myself.  Check with all your local bicycle shops to see if they offer a bike safety course.

Draft ya later!

Helpful link:

Cycling Strength Training Reminders

Here are some basic bicycle strength workouts. Some of them are what we're pretty use to, but Selene throws some small twists into the routine as well.

Don't forget to do them.;Training-Videos

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fort Gordon Group Rides (Sundays)

"Little-To-No Traffic Group Ride"

If you have questions simply post a message on the Augusta Road Cyclists on Facebook .

All cyclists are welcome, but this is NOT recommended for absolute beginners, really, it can hurt, but it’s fun! There’s upwards of 1,900 feet of climbing depending on the route we take, but we won’t leave anyone behind either; most of us are friendly too, at least on Sundays. ☺

We welcome lady cyclists too. There’s too much testosterone on our rides. Okay, we admit it, we need more class on the rides and the guys tend to get lost... and they won’t ask for directions.  Just kidding, we don’t ALL get lost.

There’s very little traffic on this ride. Some days we may only have a single car pass us, and if they do, the posted speed limit is 25 – 35 MPH. So come on out and have some fun socializing with other local riders. We have fast, medium, and slower fun groups. So we mix it up quite a bit.

WHEN:  Usually 1:30 PM on Sundays, weather permitting.  Always double check the times though.  During the summer we may have morning or evening rides.

Porta Potty and/or bathroom may be available.

Where to Meet:  At the Gordon Catering Center parking lot on 19th Street & Brainard Ave on Fort Gordon.

Easiest directions: 
If you enter from Gate 2, (off of Gordon Hwy in Grovetown), it puts you on 19th Street, so it's a straight shot from the gate to the Gordon Catering Center, about ¼ mile past the traffic light at Chamberlain Ave. Parking lot will be on the right.

Easy Directions: 
If you enter from Gate 1, (Diaz Pkwy & Gordon Hwy), you stay straight on Chamberlain Ave. Drive down to 19th Street and turn LEFT at the traffic light. Stay on 19th street for ¼ mile; Gordon Catering Center is on the right.

Directions to Gordon Catering Center (Google Maps):

Some possible ride routes starting from the Gordon Club.

Detailed Cycling Map of Fort Gordon:

27 mile loop (clock-wise):

19 mile route:

Fort Gordon Requirements:

  • Everyone in the vehicle is required to present an ID. 
  • Ensure you have proof of insurance & a valid vehicle registration in the event of an inspection.

Draft you later and enjoy the ride!

Augusta Road Cyclists New Blog

We're setting up a new blog for our bicycling group rides.  We'll be posting pictures and other media content from here.  This should enhance the capabilities of our group in addition to what features Facebook offers.  It may also provide an outlet for those NON-Facebook users.

Be safe and Draft ya later!

See us on Facebook: "Augusta Road Cyclists"

One of our first group rides on Fort Gordon